FieldworkReport09 - Fieldwork Project You are required to...

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Fieldwork Project You are required to complete a fieldwork project as part of your final grade (20% or 200 points). This project involves your attendance at a religious service of a tradition other than your own or the one in which you were raised and a brief paper describing this religion and what you experienced in the course of your visit. Please follow the guidelines below exactly. Two important points : 1) You must attend a religious service specifically for this project; and, 2) you must attend a service of a faith that is outside of your own tradition. That is, if you currently are or were raised (even nominally) Christian, you must attend a non-Christian service (i.e., Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i, Spiritualist, Native American, Wiccan or pagan, etc). See the handout on Oncourse entitled “Fieldwork: Places of Worship” (under the Resources tab) if you need some ideas, but you are not restricted to this list and it is not meant to be comprehensive. You also can find information about non-Christian religious services in the yellow pages, on the internet, at the library, or from friends and colleagues. See me if you have questions. 1. In conducting your fieldwork, take notes and pay attention to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How: WHO Notice who attended the service: the proportion of men relative to women; the proportion of young to old; black or other ethnic groups to white. What was the social class of the congregation? How many people do you estimate to have attended? Who led the service? WHAT What was the service like? In as much detail as possible, note what happened in the course of the service. What rituals occurred? Who led them? What was talked about? Was there singing, praying, chanting, call and response, or other types of audience participation? What happened before and after the service? What is the leadership structure of this religious community? Note the organization of space: how was the space arranged? What was the focal point? Draw a diagram
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FieldworkReport09 - Fieldwork Project You are required to...

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