Finalsg_Spr10 - taboo animism sacrifice coven salvation...

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RELIGIOUS STUDIES 133 Spring 2010 Introduction to Religion Dr. Hayes FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE I. TERMS Be familiar with the following terms and concepts and be able to define, use, and apply them to specific situations or examples. male continence theocracy axe Vedas Qu’ran New Testament Hebrew Bible jihad pilgrimage satori ihram complex marriage roshi postmillenialism koan baptism of the spirit nirvana amative cosmogony medium apocalypticism orixa theology zazen propagative trinity 4 Noble Truths Gentile hajj apostolic doctrine backsliding martyr possession trance Preto Velho Caboclo prophecy Exu karma perfectionism Pomba Gira terreiro premillenialism asceticism oneness sunna holiness witch revival speaking in tongues 5 pillars of practice divination moksha millennial kingdom celibacy Anchorite
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Unformatted text preview: taboo animism sacrifice coven salvation dharma samsara ayahuasca sacrament altered state of consciousness Dominion theology Sabbath minimalist and maximalist models of religion and culture II. DIMENSIONS Be familiar with the seven dimensions, know their definitions, and be able to discuss examples for each dimension from the religious communities that we looked at (see list below). III. COMMUNITIES Be familiar with the following religious traditions or communities and be able to discuss them using some of the seven dimensions, comparing and contrasting. Be able to identify key similarities and differences among and across these traditions. Zen Buddhism Oneida Community Islam Shamanism Native American religions African traditional religions Judaism (Reform, Conservative & Orthodox branches) Pentecostal Christianity Nation of Islam Christian anti-abortion activists Hinduism Candombl, Umbanda Spiritualism Wicca Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson...
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Finalsg_Spr10 - taboo animism sacrifice coven salvation...

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