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Chapter 1 Study Guide of Major Topics The best strategy to prepare for this test is to work many problems from the textbook. Test questions will be similar to practice problems in the textbook in sections 1.1-1.7. 1.1 Functions and Change Independent and dependent variable, units, understand functional notation and meaning. 1.2 Linear Functions Equations of lines, slope, x and y intercepts, graphing lines, express q as a function of p, express p as a function of q. Given a table of values, be able to identify a linear function and write a formula for the function. 1.3 Rates of Change Be able to compute average rate of change (slope). Identify functions that are increasing, decreasing, concave up, concave down. Be able to sketch graphs with given properties. Know what it means that the rates of change are increasing or decreasing. Notice the difference between when the functional values are increasing/decreasing and when the rates of change are increasing/decreasing. 1.4
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