M119+practice+final - DEPARTMENTAL FINAL EXAMINATION Fall...

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1 DEPARTMENTAL FINAL EXAMINATION Fall 2008 MATH M 119 BRIEF SURVEY OF CALCULUS Directions DO NOT OPEN this test booklet until you are told to do so. There are 8 pages in this exam with 17 problems - You MUST get a new exam from the proctor if your exam is incomplete. PRINT your name, student ID#, and mark your section below. You will have two hours to complete this examination. No scrap paper, notes, books, nor graphing calculators allowed . Cell phones should be OFF. Headsets are not permitted. Please write legibly. To receive any credit you must show supporting work! Circle All Your Final Answers Do Not Write in this area. 1 3p 2 4p 3 6p 4 3p 5 4p 6 4p 7 16p 8 6p 9 4p 10 6p 11 16p 12 6p 13 4p 14 4p 15 2p 16 4p 17 8p Total 100p NAME (Print Clearly) STUDENT ID#
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2 1. Sketch the graphs of the first derivative of the function given below. Be sure that your sketches are consistent with the important features of the original functions. [3p] 2. A company’s pricing schedule is given as: (Show all steps for credit) q (number of units) 1 3 5 7 p (price per unit) 12 10 8 6 Find a linear equation which expresses p
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M119+practice+final - DEPARTMENTAL FINAL EXAMINATION Fall...

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