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m119+q2+spr2010 - your money in 11 years Assume that...

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M119 Quiz 2 Spring 2010 Name: _____________________________ Clearly print first and last name No graphing calculators . 1. $2000 is deposited into an account that pays 4.5% interest compounded annually. How much will the account be worth after 12 years? (2 pts) ______________ 2. Assume that caffeine leaves the body at a continuous rate of 23% per hour. Find the half-life of caffeine. Give at least 3 decimal places in your answer and include units. (2 pts) _____________ 3. You deposit money into a money market account. What interest rate is needed if you want to double
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Unformatted text preview: your money in 11 years? Assume that interest is compounded continuously. Give at least 3 decimal places in your answer (2 pts) ___________ % 4. A company produces clocks that sell for $45 each. Fixed costs are $3000 and variable cost per clock is $21.50. Write the revenue function (1 pt) R(q) = ____________________ Write the total cost function (1 pt) C(q) = ____________________ Write and simplify the profit function (1 pt) Π(q) = ___ _________________ What is the break-even point for the company? (1 pt) _____________...
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