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Math M119 Spring 2010 Instructor: Joan Rainey Class: 21514 This class section of Math M119 will use online homework, using MapleTA. To get started: 1. Go to the login page. The URL is: 2. Your login is your university network id (the same login that you use for Oncourse and OneStart). 3. Your password has been set to the lower case letter p followed by the last 4 digits of your 10- digit university id number. For example, if your student id is 0000123456 your password is p3456. 4. Once you have logged in, you should be able to see the Class Homepage for your class. Click on the Class Name to enter. From the Class Homepage, you can: 1. Select an assignment. Click on the assignment name. 2. View your past results for a completed assignment after the assignment deadline. Click on “Gradebook” then on “View Past Results.” Click on the assignment name and then “Submit.” Your results appear near the bottom of the screen. Click on “details” to view your assignment details. 3. Change your profile info. Click on “My Profile” above the Logout menu. You can change the e-mail address the system has for you and/or you can change your password. MOST STUDENTS SHOULD NOT CHANGE THEIR PASSWORDS. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IF YOU ARE LIKELY TO FORGET IT. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMEMBERING YOUR PASSWORD. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, YOUR INSTRUCTOR WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE IT. MAKE SURE THAT THE SYSTEM HAS YOUR CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS SO THAT YOUR PASSWORD CAN BE E-MAILED TO YOU. Homework Policies: Work the problems in the assignment. You can quit and save your assignment and return to it multiple times; your work will be saved. You can work the problems in any order, leave some blank, and change your answers as long as you do not click on “Grade.” There is an option to
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online+homework+M119+spr2010 - Math M119 Spring 2010...

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