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Daily Schedule*: C104 Voice and Diction: Spring 2011 Classroom locations: CA323A and others as scheduled (CA003/CA319) Day and Time: TR at 10:30 until 11:45 am *Schedule is subject to change with appropriate notice. Written homework must be submitted in a paper, double-pocketed folder Activity = what we will do on this day Assignment =what is due for the NEXT class period Short quizzes may be given at the beginning of class without notice. There are no make-up quizzes . January 11 Activity: Getting to know you Assignment Read Chapter 1 in the Hahner text January 13 Activity View “American Tongues” and discuss – bring workbook Assignment Read Chapters 2 and 3 in the Hahner text Bring all books to class (text, dictionary, workbook) January 18 Activity Continue discussion of video + overview of the course material Assignment Read Chapter 4, Hahner January 20 Activity Lecture/Discussion: The sounds of American speech and the IPA Assignment Read Front Vowels, pp 214-23, Hahner Bring Workbook to class January 25 Activity Lecture/Discussion on Front Vowels: Hear, produce, symbolize Assignment Begin workbook exercises 1.2.3 in pencil (pp 1-12). Bring to class. January 27 Activity Review Front Vowels
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DUE : Workbook Exercises 1.2.3. Submit to instructor in paper double- pocketed folder. Assignment Read Back Vowels – pp 237-252 Begin Workbook Exercises 4.5.6 February 1 Activity Lecture/Discussion Back Vowels: Hear, produce, symbolize Assignment Complete Workbook exercises 4.5.6 Read about STRESS (Stressed Out on Stress) in Appendix of Workbook Try some of the STRESS exercises February 3 Activity Lecture, discussion and practice with syllabic stress DUE : Workbook exercises 4.5.6 Assignment Read about Middle Vowels, pp 263-274 Begin Workbook exercises 7.8 Read about Diphthongs, 249-51 and 255-62 only. Begin Workbook Exercise 9
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Daily+ScheduleS11.c104 - Daily Schedule C104 Voice and...

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