Syllabus+C325+Spring+2011 - INTERVIEWING PRINCIPLES AND...

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INTERVIEWING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES COMM C325 SECTION 25327 SPRING 2011 MONDAY – WEDNESDAY 3:00PM - 4:15PM INSTRUCTOR: JACK PRICE, PH.D. CA 411 Office: anywhere on campus I may be, but. . . I will arrive on campus Mondays and Wednesdays between 9 and 9:30am. I will have a desk in CA 313 cubicle P. I am not on campus at any other time. We can handle most business via messages in ONCOURSE. I want email from you in ONCOURSE! The required books for this course are available at either the Barnes and Noble bookstore in the student center, or and Indy College bookstore on 10 th street. You may also find an electronic version of the text at Stewart, Charles J. and William B. Cash. Interviewing: Principles and Practices, 12 th ed . Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008. ISBN 978-0-07-340671-8 or ISBN 0-07-340671-6 CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF AND OUT OF S IGHT in the classroom! If you do not understand this then withdraw. If I see you using a cell phone (or an Ipod) during class I will ask you to leave and you will be considered absent. There should be no need for anyone to take notes on a laptop computer (if you have special needs then please let me know. TO BE SUCCESSFUL, STUDENTS IN THIS CLASS MUST: Complete all assignments on time (see penalties for late work) Complete all quizzes on time (no make ups) Submit the final assignment at the appointed time (no excuses) Attend classes (see attendance policy) Demonstrate a commitment to learning BY THE END OF THIS CLASS STUDENTS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT (learning outcomes): Interviewing is made up of numerous components Interviewing requires attention to details Interviewing requires effective listening Interviewing requires effective delivery of messages YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT: I consider registration for a college class to be a contract. On your part you are saying that you will attend class, pay attention, do the assignments, participate, and follow instructions. Student’s rights and responsibilities are covered in numerous university documents; you should be familiar with this information. To emphasize the importance of this contract you MUST sign and deliver to me at the second class the STUDENT CONTRACT. Become especially aware of University policies pertaining to academic dishonesty, which includes cheating and plagiarism. My immediate reaction to cheating or plagiarism would be to fail the student for the entire
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semester and seek expulsion from the university; however, I will report the incident and present my evidence to the R110 Course Director and the School of Liberal Arts Dean of Students for their advice and a determination of what action to take. For my part I will attend classes, prepare to cover material and answer student questions, grade assignments in a timely manner, provide critical comments to encourage student success, and follow the policies set forth by the University and the Department of Communication Studies. It is
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Syllabus+C325+Spring+2011 - INTERVIEWING PRINCIPLES AND...

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