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Stephanie Baggio [email protected] Abstract for Research Paper Abstract for Research Paper: Titles: What’s Next? The next step of urban farming. We have organically grown produce, now what? Abstract: I plan to research the next step of urban farming, or in other words, the applications of the products of urban farming. One application I find intriguing is the use of organic, locally grown vegetables in restaurant kitchens. One of the key players in this becomingly popular idea is Rick Bayless, the owner of Frontera Grill, which uses local produce, and the founder of the Frontera Farmer Foundation, an organization that supports small local farmers. Furthermore, I
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Unformatted text preview: would explore other restaurants and organizations that use and support locally grown produce, as well as the education of using the vegetation in cooking. I have an interest in this topic because after learning about how the organic vegetables are grown and the benefits of gardening, I want to know what the next step is. In other words, now that I know where the vegetables come from, I want to explore how these vegetables are utilized in Chicago. Finally, I plan to discuss the farmer’s markets and their role in educating people on how to cook using the produce sold....
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