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research paper outline

research paper outline - Outline Topic Education on urban...

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Outline Topic: Education on urban farming in Chicago schools I. Programs involved with education on urban farming and school gardens in Chicago schools a. Logan Square Kitchen event a.i. Healthier eating and nutrition a.ii. Access to local fresh foods for students a.iii. Childhood obesity a.iv. “Growing Healthy Kids” b. Monogramme: catering company that sources local foods c. Seven Generations Ahead c.i. Food education group c.ii. “Fresh from the Farm” program c.ii.1. Sends educators into schools c.ii.2. Where food comes from c.ii.3. Seasonality c.ii.4. Nutritional value c.ii.5. Field trips to local farms d. We Farm America d.i. For-profit company in Bronzeville d.ii. Works with schools and communities planting organic gardens d.iii. 2 gardening projects: d.iii.1. Whitney Young Magnet High School d.iii.2. Senn High School in Rogers Park e. Garden Initiative e.i. 3 year old program in Chicago e.ii. Collaborate with schools to start gardens in the inner city e.iii.
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