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BLW ch 2 probs

BLW ch 2 probs - ambiguous term in this situation I define...

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Stephanie Baggio BLW 201 Professor Devience Ch. 2 Problems 3,4,5 3. No, this is not right because this is misrepresentation. You misrepresented Mary by lying and violated the employment law by disclosing information other than how long she worked for you and her position. You can only, or should only, give Mary an opinionated reference, glowing or bad, if she listed you as a reference. 4. Your behavior is not wrong because you truthfully have not seen the report. “Seen” is the
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Unformatted text preview: ambiguous term in this situation. I define “seen” as analyzed, read, and studied. Thus, you have not done this. 5. Yes, I would switch the ticket because Joe and I bought the lottery tickets together, which could be an indication that we are good friends. In addition, he wouldn’t want his already rich aunt whom he despised to inherit the money. I would think that Joe would want me to have the ticket anyways....
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