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HW Preg Check BCS S08 KEY - ANS 226: ASSIGNMENT : COW...

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KEY - 12 points References that may be helpful are on in the class folder. They include: Culling the Commercial Cow Herd (J. Massey. Good overview and very applied). Body Condition Scoring Cows (a Powerpoint slide lecture not presented in class but given here as a study aid) Gelbvieh Udder Scoring Ultrasound for Reproduction Management (BCH 2400) Using Ultrasound for Pregnancy Checking (Limousin World, 1996) Some serious spelling issues: Udder, can’t, dystocia, bred,. and teat (do not state “tit”),separate, calf, calve. Also – it is feed, not food, and not all bovines are referenced as cows, some are calves, steers, fed cattle, market cattle and so forth. 1. Name some reasons why a cow is culled from the herd (say at least 5). Which are more prevalent? 5 points total Some example answers could include: Age, feet and let problems, cancer eye, poor udder structure, low weaning weights of calves, bred late in season, failure to breed, disposition, etc. etc. Most prevalent is failure to breed DO NOT answer: died – not a conscience decision to cull (nor is accidents, etc). Illness is too vague as all problems can be considered disease (at least by AnS 101 definition). Management decisions is also too vague; they are all management decisions. 3.
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HW Preg Check BCS S08 KEY - ANS 226: ASSIGNMENT : COW...

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