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HON101 Final exam paper

HON101 Final exam paper - Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201...

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Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof. Goffman March 13, 2011 “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” Of the five novels I read, I ranked them according to which cover of the book I liked to most and stood out to me. I believe this is an important criterion on which to rank the novels because although we are all told “not to judge a book by its cover”, the cover art is often the first impression of the book and thus must catch a reader’s eye or spark their interest. In addition to standing out, the cover must also relate to a significant element or theme in the story. Arabian Nights and Days has the most attention-grabbing cover with an extensive color pallet and interesting figures sprawled across the front. The novel contains imaginative and magical elements depicted on the cover, notably the good genies and bad genies. The creatures represent several of the stories within the novel, such as the story of Abdullah of the Sea who is illustrated in the top left. The mountain with wings represents the mountain where the genies in
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