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HON101 Midterm Paper

HON101 Midterm Paper - Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof...

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Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof. Goffman 30 January 2011 Books, Literature, and Writing, Oh My! Studying abroad and becoming immersed in the English culture catapulted both Obi’s and Adah’s interests in books, literature, and writing. Intending to study law, Obi becomes so captivated by literature that he decides to major in English. Adah becomes inspired to follow her dream of becoming a writer, despite the opposition of Francis. Upon pursuing their aspirations, Obi and Adah use their knowledge of books, literature, and writing to express themselves and justify their beliefs, even if that means defying their native Ibo culture. The ability to read and interpret literature leads to thought-provoking ideas and allows each of them to make their own decisions. Obi and Adah demonstrate the importance of literature and writing through incorporating literary knowledge in their lives in several aspects. Both raised within the Ibo culture, Obi and Adah’s lives in England are shaped by the differing cultures as well as an engrossment with literature. Obi and Adah are exposed to an extensive amount of literature which accounts for their exceptional aptitude in reading and writing. Throughout the novels, Obi and Adah make several allusions to famous British authors and poets. These references exemplify the characters’ interests as they are applicable within each of their lives. Obi’s discussion about the argument regarding suicide as not being a real tragedy is supported by his reference to Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter . He also mentions W.H. Auden and A Handful of Dust to state that a real tragedy takes place in a corner, is never ending, and the rest of the world is unaware of it. This illustrates Obi’s ingenuity in using his literary knowledge to justify his arguments (Achebe 45). Furthermore, Obi contemplates the irony of Mr. Green, who works tirelessly for a country he did not believe in, and compares him to a character, Mr. Kurtz, in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness . Obi concludes that he must write a novel on the tragedy of the Green’s (Achebe 121).
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Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof. Goffman 30 January 2011 Adah also proves to be erudite and familiar with numerous English poets and authors.
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