HON101 Take Home Quiz 2

HON101 Take Home Quiz 2 - Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201...

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Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof. Goffman 24 January 2011 London Bridges Falling Down Living in London during the mid-1960’s as an African couple puts a significant strain on the relationship. The Africans must acclimate to the new culture in which they are immersed during a time period where racism exists as well as liberal ideas not prominent in Africa. The relationship between an African husband and wife is put in jeopardy with the struggle to conform to the English ideals regarding beliefs in birth control, a title of “second class citizen”, and promiscuity among the society. Upon first arriving in London, finding a home proves to be a difficult task. Francis, due to his passive character, appeared to become too easily caught up in the society and submits to his title of “second class citizen” by simply making a home for his family in the slums with the uneducated Nigerians. By submitting to the racism he encountered, Francis becomes disillusioned and doesn’t make an effort to go to lecture or find a job. This frustrates Adah, who is a fighter and has worked endlessly to provide for her family while simultaneously raising her children. While working at one of her successful jobs in London, Adah conceives an idea to write a
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course HON 101 taught by Professor Goffman during the Winter '11 term at DePaul.

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HON101 Take Home Quiz 2 - Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201...

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