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HON101 Take Home quiz 3

HON101 Take Home quiz 3 - Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201...

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Stephanie Baggio Honors 101/201 Prof. Goffman 20 February 2011 Contribution vs. Distraction Rosie and Leela play important roles in the lives of Raju and Ganesh. Rosie acts as a distraction to Raju while Leela often acts as a liaison between Ganesh and success. Raju begins his narrative with stating that his troubles would not have started but for Rosie (Narayan 4). When Raju meets Rosie, his infatuation with her is first displayed when a scene is described where he quickly changes clothes and sneaks away to tidy himself up (Narayan 48). The lovely and elegant woman rapidly consumes Raju’s thoughts and attention (Narayan 49). Raju nearly gave up all his routines jobs in order to be of service to Rosie and her husband. His job description in addition to be their guide included keeping Rosie company and amusing her (Narayan 88). This interaction catapulted their relationship in which they became lovers as well as gave Rosie an opportunity to dance.
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