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HON104 writing assignment 1 - Stephanie Baggio Professor...

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Stephanie Baggio Professor Miyamoto HON 104 Writing Assignment 1 Command Ethics The term “Divine Command Ethics” can be defined as ethics according to the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament in Exodus. The name stems from the commands given to us by God, the ultimate divine power. The Ten Commandments tell us who we are with respect for the Lord and binds this special relationship between us and God. The order of these commandments is extremely important because it tell us the value system God has in store for us. The first commandment lays the foundation of divine command ethics and provides the reason as to why we follow these commandments. The first four refer to one’s personal relationship with God before family and others. Thus, this is the ethical code we follow by carrying out the Ten Commandments is “Divine Command Ethics”. However, being in accordance with Divine Command Ethics might not bring the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of people; thus conflicting with utilitarian ethics. People try to live their lives according to Divine Command Ethics by following the Ten Commandments for several reasons, but the main reason is to gain entrance into Heaven in the afterlife. (Class discussion 9/13). An example of how ethics regarding community formation is expressed in the Hebrew Bible, or the Old Testament, is the story of Noah’s Ark. God had warned the community to stop acting unethically because they were acting in a lustful and greedy manner, turning away from
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HON104 writing assignment 1 - Stephanie Baggio Professor...

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