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HON104 writing assignment 2 - Stephanie Baggio Prof...

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Stephanie Baggio Prof. Miyamoto HON 104 Writing Assignment 2 Religion and Politics In the chapter “The Fall and Rise of Religion in Internal Relations”, the author delineates nine concepts to aid in the arrival of a meaning for the secular. The first concept defines the secular as anything outside of the monastery. The second concept refers to the secular as an expression that doesn’t specifically reference a religious idea. The third concept differentiates religion and politics, or any other aspects of life. The fourth concept states that the secular is a social context where any type of religious faith is a choice instead of a mandatory part of the universe. The author then moves to describe the remaining five concepts in terms of the process known as secularization. Basically, secularization is a decline in religious belief, severing religious influence from politics and other aspects of life intentionally. In conclusion, the author finally settles on a definition of the secular by basically saying that the secular pertains to anything that relates to things that are not associated, related to, or regarded as religious. Furthermore, the author summarizes the term secularization as the separation of church and state, or religion and politics, without necessarily implying or provoking a decline in the practice of religion (Religion and International Relations Theory, 25-29). In my opinion, I don’t think anything is at stake if we separate religion and politics. Ideally, secularization is what our nation, the United States, as well as other nations, strive to attain. The separation of church and state is considered the ideal society and structure in a nation that prides itself on freedom. However, the people from the film Jesus Camp would strongly disagree with this concept. They believe in religious beliefs and religion being the driving forces
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HON104 writing assignment 2 - Stephanie Baggio Prof...

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