Philosophy Midterm Paper notes

Philosophy Midterm Paper notes - Aquinas Happiness does not...

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Aquinas Happiness does not consist in wealth: 2 kinds of wealth: 1. Natural wealth=relieves man’s natural needs (food, drink, clothing, travel, shelter) a. Sought for the sake of something else=human survival b. Thus, cannot be man’s ultimate end, but is ordered to man as an end c. Made for man according to order of nature 2. Artificial wealth=not an aid to nature; devised to facilitate exchange and as a measure of commerce (money) a. Sought only for the sake of natural wealth b. Less nature of an ultimate end Many foolish men think only of good which can be acquired with money, not of the true goods (spiritual goods/virtues) which cannot be acquired with money. Man cannot buy wisdom Desire for natural wealth is not infinite because needs are satisfied; but desire for artificial wealth is infinite Infinite desire for wealth/or any temporal good (for as soon as something is possessed, it is despised and other things are desired: aka we always want something more, the next best thing) vs. infinite desire for the ultimate good (the more perfectly the ultimate good is possessed, the more it is loved and other things despised, for the more it is possessed the more it is known) Total happiness does not rely only on natural wealth; you need more natural wealth is not enough but it does help with human sustenance which is towards happiness Happiness does not consist in honors: Honor is in the one honoring Excellence is measured in terms of happiness=his complete good and in relation to those goods by which he has some share in happiness. Thus, honor may follow upon happiness but happiness cannot consist principally in honor Virtuous works receive honor from men in place of reward, as from those who have nothing greater to give. True reward of virtue is happiness, for which the virtuous work is done. If such works are done for honor, then ambition, not virtue. Honor does not make one excellent. Honor is owed to God and to those of excellence as a tribute
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Philosophy Midterm Paper notes - Aquinas Happiness does not...

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