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Chapter 8 Problems

Chapter 8 Problems - state it became inherently dangerous...

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Chapter 8 Problems 11. The store was negligent in there way of dealing with the puddle. The reason why they were acting irresponsibly was because they let the water accumulate into a puddle. A puddle is an unnatural accumulation of water; therefore the store would be liable for any injuries caused by it. 12. According to strict liability in tort, she would be able to recover. No, Coca-Cola was not liable but they are responsible for bottles acting in a way that it shouldn’t. In the bottles defected
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Unformatted text preview: state, it became inherently dangerous, which makes Coca-Cola liable. 14. Fredericks is liable for his dog’s actions because his dog is inherently dangerous. So even if Fredericks did everything he could to prevent his dog from harming others, it doesn’t change the fact that his dog is inherently dangerous. Therefore, Fredericks is liable for his dog’s actions....
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