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Chapter 10 Problems

Chapter 10 Problems - 6 Since the mode of communication was...

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Chapter 10 Problems 2a. No contract was made because the offeror revoked the offer prior to the acceptance and revocation is effective when it is received by the offeree. b. A contract was made because the acceptance was received before the rejection. c. A contract was made because she accepted. She never made official changes in the terms and conditions of the contract but merely just asked about possibly making changes. Therefore, it wasn’t a rejection. d. Because the offeree died no contract was form. The offer must be accepted by the offeree because the contract involved was personal to the two parties. 3. No contract was formed because Brooklyn Company changed the terms of the offer which is an automatic rejection. Alpha Corporation received the rejection before the acceptance making the contract void. 5. Under the merchant rule, the offer cannot be revoked during the time stated on the written offer. Therefore there is an agreement between Sellit and Benny Buyer.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Since the mode of communication was by telegraph and the acceptance was mailed which is a different mode of communication, the acceptance was not effective until May 22 when it was received. Since this was past the time given, no contract was made. 8. Hume has the right to be paid because Scott made a promise for an act, the act being hitting a homerun over the sign that stated the offer. Otis never changed the sign within 48 hours which was the term time in the contract so he is responsible for reimbursing Scott the money that Todd is entitled to. Perry pitched a no hit game but isn’t entitled to any money because the sign with the offer on it wasn’t up. 10. Small’s defenses are legit because a contract must state the definite price, quantity, and time of trade in order for it to be enforceable. Since there were no definite terms, there was no agreement....
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