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assignment 3 - Bhupinder Singh October 2 2011 Intro to...

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Bhupinder Singh October 2, 2011 Intro to Screenwriting Assignment 3 1. Opening image: Ricardo meets with his subordinate drug dealers to collect their weekly payment. All of Ricardo’s subordinates look up to and respect him. Ricardo only deals to a few big clients and the subordinate dealers buy their shipment of marijuana from him. 2. Theme Stated: After collecting his payments and delivering to one of his biggest clients, Ricardo heads home. He converses with his Mother, whom he supports financially, and tells her his hard work and self-sacrifice will pay off soon when they are living in paradise. 3. The Set-up: Ricardo remembers he promised to visit Justin, his best friend whom he considers a brother, in jail today. He notices how miserable Justin looks and sounds as they catch up. Ricardo leaves pondering his future and cant get the thought of “what if I get caught too?” out of his head. 4. Catalyst: Justin calls Ricardo a few days later to tell him some of the things he has learned in prison such as the offers DEA agents give to criminals who cooperate with them fully. Justin urges Ricardo to think about this before he gets too popular as a drug dealer and spends his life in jail or worse. Ricardo does not understand what is wrong with making a living for himself and his Mother, even if it is illegally. 5. Debate: Ricardo thinks how doubtful it is that turning himself in to the police will actually help his life. As he is pondering Justin’s advice, he gets pulled over while driving to make a delivery. Ricardo gets off with a simple speeding ticket but
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assignment 3 - Bhupinder Singh October 2 2011 Intro to...

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