Notes - 3 acting voluntarily= acting self interestedly...

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September 12 th Reasoning – a cognitive process of establishing a certain claim as true on the basis of evidence or reasons Argument- a series of reasons offered in support of a claim or judgment Types of arguments 1. Deductive-claims if the premises are true then the conclusion must be true 2. Inductive- Best kind of argument is a sound (all the premises are true) one not a valid one A contradiction is a fatal part of any argument September 19 th all moral judgments are ought claims ought to do or not do Reasons by their nature are universal and public (general) (if R is a good reason for me to do A then it also must be a good reason for anyone else to do A under the same circumstances) X is right = I approve of X X is wrong = I disapprove of X September 26 th Ethical Egoism- not an account of …? 1. acting voluntarily= choosing to do what one wants to do 2. choosing to do what ones wants to do = self interestedly
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Unformatted text preview: 3. acting voluntarily= acting self interestedly September 28 th Cant drive an ought from an is October 3 rd 3 rd argument for ethical egoism- EO is not as radical as it seems, offers the best unifying explanation for the basic moral duties we accept. EO says only rational reason to do anything is because it serves ones own advantage. October 10 th 2 contrasting accounts of self are – thick self which falls into communitarism and Liberalism (EO falls under Liberalism). According to Liberalism the self is radically independent. Meaning absolute freedom of choice. Selves are individuals and individuals are indvualistic. We can understand what it means to be self is to understand the self as abstracted from any of its social attachments/relationships. Intersubjectivity is necessary for having any kind of conscious of oneself October 17 th...
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Notes - 3 acting voluntarily= acting self interestedly...

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