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HW Since 75 Overview S08 KEY - Name Assignment Industry KEY...

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Name: Assignment: Since the 70’s:: Changes in the Beef Industry Spring, 2008 AnS 226 Due: _________________________________________ Background In our first lecture, we have worked to characterize the US beef industry. The industry is predictable, but has also changed dramatically, especially since the mid-1970’s. These changes strongly explain the current nature of the industry and Dr. Purcell has done a great job of capturing the reasons for these changes. He has provided us good insight into the current and future nature of the US beef industry and in particular, what undergirds these characteristics. References Read the following papers and use as references to answer the following questions. * Prescriptions for A Healthy Beef Industry (Purcell, 2002) http://ag.arizona.edu/arec/wemc/cattlemarket/Prescriptions_for_Healthy_Beef_ * The Cattle Cycle (Anderson, et.al. 2002) http://ag.arizona.edu/arec/wemc/cattlemarket/CatlCycl.pdf Questions (You can type right into the text boxes if you wish and print the answer sheet, or prepare your own answer sheet – Whichever works better for you is fine). 1. Purcell refers to the industry as “ill”. Demand trends rose for US beef for many years but bottomed in 1998 (50 % decline since 1980), but has increased 16% until these past couple years (we will visit with experts in the Iowa Beef Industry Council for a sense of current situation and
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HW Since 75 Overview S08 KEY - Name Assignment Industry KEY...

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