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consistency_protocols - Today CSCI 5105 Foundations of...

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1 CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Instructor: Abhishek Chandra 2 Today Data Consistency Consistency Protocols 3 Consistency Protocols Implementation of a consistency model How do we order operations according to a consistency model? How are multiple writes applied and propagated to different replicas? 4 Consistency Protocols Continuous Consistency Protocols Bound numerical deviation or staleness Ordering-based Consistency Protocols Maintain desired ordering of operations
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2 5 Continuous Consistency: Bounding Numerical Deviation Each update originates at one replica Each update has a numerical value (weight) Each replica i maintains TW[i,i]: Total weight of its local updates TW[i,j]: Total weight of other replicas’ updates TW i [k,j]: View of other replicas’ total weights Epidemic protocol: Update total weight of replica k if exceeds bound Update local view of k’s total weights 6 Continuous Consistency:
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