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CSCI 5105: Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Homework 3 Due: 04/26/2010 Maximum Marks: 50 Q1) In a piecewise deterministic execution model, apart from logging messages what other types of events do we need to log? What are the possible limitations of such a logging scheme? Q2) In file systems that use data-caching, an important design issue is to decide the unit of data transfer. File systems like NFS transfer and cache data in terms of blocks whereas file systems like the Andrew File System transfer data in terms of files. Compare and contrast these two approaches and discuss their pros / cons. Q3) Suppose that an MPEG video is made from a scene in which the camera is mounted on a tripod
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Unformatted text preview: and pans slowing from left to right at a speed such that no two consecutive frames are identical. Consider, on the other hand, a video captutring a scene where the camera tracks a fast moving action visual. Compare the compression for these two videos - the amount of likely compression ratio, and the relative no. of I/P/B frames. Q4) What is the purpose of maintaining virtual time in the weighted fair queuing and start-time fair queuing scheduling algorithms? Q5) Despite that GFS scales well, it could be argued that the master is still a potential bottleneck. What would be a reasonable alternative to replace it?...
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