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1 CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Instructor: Abhishek Chandra 2 So Far Distributed Systems Scheduling, Communication, Naming Synchronization, Data Replication and Consistency Fault Tolerance, Distributed File Systems 3 Next Multimedia Systems Multimedia Properties Multimedia Operating Systems Multimedia File Systems Multimedia Streaming and Caching 4 Today Multimedia Systems Overview Multimedia Content Properties and Challenges Compression Techniques
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2 5 What is Multimedia? Multiple types of media: Text, images, audio, video Typically refers to audio/video Examples: CDs, DVDs, streaming audio/video Have very different characteristics from text or numerical data Require different OS, file system, network support 6 Multimedia Properties High data rates and file sizes MPEG-2 movie: 4 Mbps Uncompressed NTSC TV: 220 Mbps Uncompressed HDTV: 648 Mbps 2-hour HDTV movie: 570 GB Solutions: Compression, File System techniques 7 Multimedia Properties Real-time playback requirement Video: 30 frames/sec => 1 frame every 33msec
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mmedia-overview - So Far CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern...

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