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multicast - Today CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating...

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1 CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Instructor: Abhishek Chandra 2 Today Multicast Epidemic Communication 3 One-to-Many Communication Same data/message may have to be sent to multiple receivers How to find the multiple receivers? How to efficiently route data to each receiver? 4 Multicast Multicast group: A special address/id A node can join/leave a multicast group Will receive data sent to the group Studied a lot in networking Deployment difficult Lot of state to keep and exchange Lack of standardization
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2 5 Application-Level Multicast Use overlay network Multicast done on top of the overlay network Multicast joins/leaves at application level Multicast routing through the overlay network Can differ substantially from real network 6 Multicast Routing How does data flow from a source to the group members? Multicast tree: Source at the root Members at the leaves Members/forwarders in between 7 Multicast Tree How to form multicast trees?
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