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1 CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Instructor: Abhishek Chandra 2 Today Naming Structured Naming Attribute-based Naming 3 Structured Naming Structural organization of names Names are related to each other Typically hierarchical E.g.: file system, URLs Can be trees, acyclic graphs, etc. Global name: Name that can be used anywhere in the system Local name: Name that requires context 4 Name Space Implementation Name space for a distributed system is itself distributed Consists of multiple name servers Each is responsible for one part of the name space Zone: part of name space maintained by a single name server Distribution of names is done hierarchically Different layer for different levels in the hierarchy
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2 5 Hierarchical Name Space Distribution Global layer: Root and its children Organizations and groups of organizations Relatively stable and long-lived Administration layer Intra-Organization nodes Departments, users, servers, etc. Managerial layer Low-level nodes Local hosts, filenames, usernames, etc. Short-lived and frequently updated
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naming_hier - Today CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern...

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