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1 CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Instructor: Abhishek Chandra 2 Today Coda GFS PAST 3 Coda Main Goals: Availability: Work in the presence of disconnection Scalability: Support large number of users Successor of Andrew File System Developed at CMU Uses similar basic architecture Client-server architecture 4 Naming: Volumes Volume is a subtree in the naming space Like a disk partition, but finer granularity Mounting and replication takes place at volume granularity Whole volume must be mounted from its root Crossing mount points allowed
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2 5 Naming: Shared Name Space All clients see same shared name space All coda volumes are mounted under /coda Each mounted volume inherits name from server namespace coda coda 6 RPC2 Coda runs on top of RPC2 Enhanced version of RPC RPC2 supports Reliable RPC over UDP Side-effects: Application-specific modules called by client and server stubs Multicast: Using parallel one-to-one RPCs or IP multicast 7 Caching and Replication Client Caching Each file is completely transferred to the client on access Combination of session and transactional semantics Each session is considered to be a transaction Effect of each session applied sequentially 8 Consistency Server makes a callback promise Will notify when file is updated Callback break On file modification, server sends invalidation Session-transaction semantics Current session unaffected Client needs to download updated file before the next session
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other_dfs - Today CSCI 5105 Foundations of Modern Operating...

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