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CSCI 5105: Foundations of Modern Operating Systems Spring 2010 Programming Assignment 3: A Simple Load Balanced Compute Cluster Due: April 20 th 2010 at 11:59 pm. 1. Overview In this programming project you will implement a simple load-balanced compute cluster. This would consist of a client using which users can submit jobs to the system, a server which on reception of jobs from the client assigns them arbitrarily to compute nodes, and lastly the compute nodes which perform the computations required by the client and load balance jobs as and when needed. 2. Project Details A user should be able to: 1. Submit a job to the system. Once this job is done, your system should print the time it took to complete it. 2. View various compute node & job statistics such as current load, average load, number of jobs executed since start-up, number of job migrations initiated and so on. The entities you would need to implement are: 1. Client – A user interacts with the system using this. It should allow a user to submit jobs to the system. 2. Server – Submitted jobs are forwarded to the server which arbitrarily assigns their components to compute nodes. When jobs are completed the time to run them is returned back to the client. It is the server's responsibility to display various compute node & job statistics. 3. Compute Node – Execute jobs sent to them by the server. If the load on the system running them is above a user specified threshold, perform load balancing with other compute nodes to send the job to a less loaded compute node. Each compute node must run on a different physical machine. Given this high-level view of the components, it is now possible to revisit the use cases and see how
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pa3 - CSCI 5105: Foundations of Modern Operating Systems...

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