Program1 - CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #1 due: 9pm,...

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CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #1 due: 9pm, Tuesday, February 9 The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the programs that you will use to make realistic images in this class. Blender is an open source modeling tool that will allow you to define the shape and position of the objects in your scene, assign material properties to the objects, position light sources to illuminate the objects, and locate a camera to take a picture. Luxrender is a realistic imaging tool, based on the physically based rendering tool ( pbrt ) described in the course textbook, that can be used to produce realistic images of scenes defined using Blender. In this assignment you will install the necessary software on your computer, generate pictures of some predefined scenes, and model and render a scene that you create yourself. You should begin by downloading and installing the software onto your computer. Go to the Blender and Luxrender link on the course web page and read the description of these two programs that is provided. First install the binary for the modeling system that you plan to use. For most students in the course this will be Blender because it is free and open-source, but you are welcome to use another modeling system as long as it can produce a Luxrender input file with a .lxs extension. (However, we can't provide help for other modeling systems.) Next install the binary for Luxrender and use it to make a picture of the test files, and , provided on the course web page. Feel free to play with parameters that control the image resolution, the sampling rates, or the material properties to see what effect these changes produce. Once you have the software up and running on your computer you should learn about its
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Program1 - CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #1 due: 9pm,...

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