Program2 - CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #2 due: 9pm,...

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CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #2 due: 9pm, Tuesday, March 2 The purpose of this assignment is for you to make some basic modifications to the Luxrender realistic imaging tool. You will learn how to write a new integration method to solve the rendering equation, and you will implement a new routine to intersect a novel object. First you will download the source code to your computer, check to make sure that you have the necessary libraries installed, and build a fresh executable for Luxrender. Next you will develop an integration method that duplicates the classic Whitted ray tracing algorithm. Finally, you will create an intersection routine that can be used to render height fields. You should begin by building an executable binary for Luxrender on your computer. This is a complicated process that will require you to carefully follow the instructions provided by the link, Compiling Luxrender , on the course web page. You will first need to make sure that you have a compiler installed on your machine (Visual Studio for windows, Developer Tools for a Mac). Then you will have to download and install a lot of supporting software that Luxrender utilizes. In some cases you only need the source code but in other instances you must have a complete library. Follow the instructions meticulously! Once you have done all of the preliminaries get a copy of the source for Luxrender. Finally, build a fresh executable for Luxrender and test it on an existing scene. The “Whitted” Integrator * The very first ray-tracing algorithm was conceived and published by Turner Whitted. It works by following light rays from the eye through the scene and letting them propagate recursively via reflection and refraction. If you have already written a ray tracer, this is likely the version that you implemented. PBRT includes this algorithm as the “WhittedIntegrator”. The Integrator class is where PBRT decides how the rays will act as they move through the scene and bounce off of objects. Unlike PBRT, Luxrender does not include the Whitted integrator. The designers decided
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Program2 - CSci 5108: Programming Assignment #2 due: 9pm,...

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