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Unformatted text preview: CSCI 5512: Artificial Intelligence II (Spring’10) Homework 0 (Due Mon, Jan 25, 4pm) 1. (i) Which of the following courses have you taken? Artificial Intelligence I Pattern Recognition Machine Learning Introduction to Data Mining Natural Language Processing Algorithms (ii) Have you taken any course on Probability/Statistics? If yes, please write course depart- ment, and course number/name. 2. Consider a 3-valued random variable X such that P ( X = 1) = 0 . 5, P ( X = 0) = 0 . 2 and P ( X =- 1) = 0 . 3. Assume you have access to a program A that generates a number in [0 , 1] uniformly at random. Describe how you can use A to draw random samples of X . 3. Consider a deck of cards. Assuming all permutations of cards are equally likely, what is the probability of having the king and queen of hearts next to each other? 4. You are given a biased coin whose probability of giving Heads is p . You do not know what p is. How will you use the coin to simulate generation of samples from an unbiased coin whoseis....
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