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UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 5561 COMPUTER VISION SPRING 2010 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 3 (70 points) Assigned: 4/08/10 Due: 4/22/10 The programming assignment 3 asks you to build a major component of a simple object recognition system. If you use Matlab v4, apply your code to the reg3.gif and reg4.gif images. If you are using Matlab v5 and above, use reg3.jpg and reg4.jpg instead. All of these images can be found at the class website. The assignment consists of the following problems: Histogram the intensity values of each image (15 points). Write a program that sets an appropriate intensity threshold for each image by analysis of the histogram. Hint: begin by smoothing the histogram, replacing each element by the sum of itself plus its two (or more) neighbors. Turn in a description of how you select thresholds. For each image (reg3 and reg4), tell what threshold value is selected.
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