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UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE 5561 COMPUTER VISION SPRING 2010 PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT 1 (100 POINTS) Assigned: 02/25/10 Due: 03/11/10 The programming assignment 1 consists of the following problems: Implementation of the Sobel (5x5) and the Roberts edge operators. The result should be the gradient magnitude and the gradient direction. Make sure that you scale your results. Do not use the relevant Matlab functions to implement the edge operators. Thresholding of the gradient magnitude and direction. You may perform manual selection of the threshold value. The output of the thresholding operation should be 0 or 255 for each one of the image elements. Thinning of the output of the thresholding operation. You must use eight-connectivity. Do not use newFilt.m. Apply your code to two images of your choice (each image should contain at least two objects with no occlusions). If you have no easy access to images, please contact the TA. For the three problems,
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Unformatted text preview: it is essential to provide screendumps. Also hand in your code. Moreover, you must provide an one page discussion of the results. Finally, you should do the assignment in stages. Please do not waste paper by printing continuously images. View first the results at the IT machines and when you are sure that they are correct, print them. UNITE STUDENTS If you do not have access to the IT machines, please create two arrays 100x100 instead of images (initialize all the elements of these arrays to be 0). Then, include rectangles, circles, and triangles in these arrays in order to create artificial images (these regions can have values from 100 to 255). Then do all the three steps. Instead of screendumps, provide the elements of these arrays, your code, a single page description, and the results of your programs. 1...
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