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hw-3-creating-test-cases - not need to have concrete values...

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1 of 1 Homework 3 To: CSci 5802, All students CC: Teaching Assistant From: Dr. Mats Heimdahl Date: 2/23/2010 Re: Homework Assignment 3 – Creating Test Cases The problem Given the “category partitions” you created in the previous assignment, please create test-cases based on this partitioning (or a new partitioning in case you have changed your mind). Note here that the test-cases will be scenarios (they will have duration). The test cases shall be abstract in that you do
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Unformatted text preview: not need to have concrete values for threshold and altitude for example. The test cases shall include the test inputs, and the expected outputs from the system. If you did this for the previous assignment, please take a second look and see if you can improve your thinking based on discussions on the Forum and in class. There will be questions, please review the Forum before you ask—chances are someone else already has. Due Date Wednesday, March 3 in class....
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