hw-6-asw-in-smv - Homework Assignment 6 To: CSci 5802, All...

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1 of 4 Homework Assignment 6 To: CSci 5802, All students CC: Teaching Assistant From: Dr. Mats Heimdahl Date: 4/11/2010 Re: Homework Assignment 6 The Problem During the inspections and discussion of an English language ASW (see below) requirements document, the customer got the feeling that there were several areas that needed further clarification. They were also somewhat concerned about new government regulations being imposed on such systems. Therefore, they have contracted with us to develop a formal model of the required ASW behavior. This is the problem we will tackle in this assignment. The Language Since the customer knows we have vast experience with the formalism provided through NuSMV and its verification environment, they want us to use the NuSMV notation. Also, they feel that the verification capabilities will really impress the regulatory agency in question. The System The problem we will work on is adopted from the civil avionics industry. It is a very small system (called the altitude switch—ASW) that is responsible for turning on the power to a device (we call it the Device Of Interest—DOI) when the aircraft drops below a certain altitude. The ASW is used to automatically start devices such as ground radar or a ground proximity warning system. The ASW example is adopted from Steve Miller at Rockwell Collins. Note that we have further simplified the ASW in this example. The Altitude Switch The Altitude Switch (ASW) is a component that turns power on to a Device Of Interest (DOI) when the aircraft descends below a threshold altitude (for now, let us fix that at 2,000 feet) above ground level (AGL). If the altitude cannot be determined for more than two seconds (altitude is bad for more
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hw-6-asw-in-smv - Homework Assignment 6 To: CSci 5802, All...

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