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hw-7-Z-bdb - maps dates to sets of names that have a...

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1 of 1 Homework 7 To: CSci 5802, All students CC: Teaching Assistant From: Dr. Mats Heimdahl Date: 4/25/2010 Re: Homework Assignment 7 The problem We need to extend the Birthday Book with additional functionality. The following are the new operations we need: 1. An extension of remind that operates on a set of dates as opposed to a single date 2. A operation that computes all days when more than one person has a birthday 3. An operation that computes the average age of the persons in the Birthday Book 4. An operation that computes all persons born in a given month 5. Related to 4, add a relation bornOnDate to the definition of the Birthday book. bornOnDate
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Unformatted text preview: maps dates to sets of names that have a birthday on that date. Initially, bornOnDate is empty. Define an operation CreateBornOnDate that populates bornOnDate with the correct maplets. 6. An operation that returns the months when we have no birthdays 7. Extra Credit: An operation that gives us the median age of the persons in the BirthdayBook. Your Task Define these extensions to the BirthdayBook in Z. A basic model of the Birthday Book (the one discussed in class) is available on the web page. Deliverables I expect you to turn in a typeset and carefully inspected solution. Due Date Monday, May 3 in class....
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