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Lecture 4 - Finite Models Spring 2010 CSci 5802 1 CSci 5802 Software Engineering II 1 Spring 2010 CSci 5802 Finite Models Chapter 5 ht Goals for Today Understand goals and implications of finite state abstraction Learn how to model program control flow with graphs tp://www.umsec.umn.edu Spring 2010 CSci 5802 2 Learn how to model the software system structure with call graphs Learn how to model finite state behavior with finite state machines Properties of Models Compact : representable and manipulable in a reasonably compact form What is reasonably compact depends largely on how the model will be used Predictive : must represent some salient characteristics of the modeled artifact well enough to distinguish between good and bad outcomes of analysis Spring 2010 CSci 5802 3 enough to distinguish between and no single model represents all characteristics well enough to be useful for all kinds of analysis Semantically meaningful : it is usually necessary to interpret analysis results in a way that permits diagnosis of the causes of failure Sufficiently general : models intended for analysis of some important characteristic must be general enough for practical use in the intended domain of application Graph Representations: directed graphs •D i rec ted g raph : –N ( s e t o f n o d e s ) – E (relation on the set of nodes ) edges CSci 5802 Ch 5, slide 4 Nodes: {a, b, c} Edges: {(a,b), (a, c), (c, a)} a b c b a c Graph Representations: labels and code • We can label nodes with the names or descriptions of the entities they represent. – If nodes a and b represent program regions containing assignment statements, we might draw the two nodes and an edge (a,b) connecting them in this way: CSci 5802 Ch 5, slide 5 x = y + z; a = f(x); Multidimensional Graph Representations
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lecture-04-Ch05-FiniteModels-6 - Lecture 4 - Finite Models...

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