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Lecture 6 - Adequacy-Functional Spring 2010 CSci 5802 1 CSci 5802 Software Engineering II 1 Spring 2010 CSci 5802 Adequacy and Functional Chapters 9 and 10 ht Aims for Today Understand the purpose of defining test adequacy criteria, and their limitations Understand the rationale for systematic (non- random) selection of test cases ttp://www.umsec.umn.edu Spring 2010 CSci 5802 2 Understand the basic concept of partition testing and its underlying assumptions Understand why functional test selection is a primary, base-line technique Why we expect a specification-based partition to help select valuable test cases Adequacy: We can’t get what we want What we would like: A real way of measuring effective testing If the system system passes an adequate suite of test cases, then it must be correct (or dependable) But that’s impossible! CSci 5802 Ch 9, slide 3 But that s impossible! Adequacy of test suites, in the sense above, is provably undecidable. So we’ll have to settle on weaker proxies for adequacy Design rules to highlight inadequacy of test suites Practical (in)Adequacy Criteria Criteria that identify inadequacies in test suites. – Examples if the specification describes different treatment in two cases, but the test suite does not check that the two cases are in fact treated differently, we may conclude that the test suite is inadequate to guard against faults in the program logic. If no test in the test suite executes a particular program CSci 5802 Ch 9, slide 4 statement, the test suite is inadequate to guard against faults in that statement. If a test suite fails to satisfy some criterion, the obligation that has not been satisfied may provide some useful information about improving the test suite.
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