lecture-13-lint - same model of the shared memory...

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Inspection Check Inspection Checks Fault class Inspection check Data faults Are all program variables initialised before their values d? are used? Have all constants been named? Should the lower bound of arrays be 0, 1, or something else? Should the upper bound of arrays be equal to the size of the array or Size -1? If character strings are used, is a delimiter explicitly assigned? Control faults For each conditional statement, is the condition correct? Is each loop certain to terminate? Are compound statements correctly bracketed? In case statements, are all possible cases accounted for? Input/output faults Are all input variables used? Are all output variables assigned a value before they are output? Interface faults Do all function and procedure calls have the correct number of parameters number of parameters? Do formal and actual parameter types match? Are the parameters in the right order? If components access shared memory, do they have the
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Unformatted text preview: same model of the shared memory structure? Storage management If a linked structure is modified, have all links been faults correctly reassigned? If dynamic storage is used, has space been allocated correctly? Is space explicitly de-allocated after it is no longer required? E ception Ha e all possible error conditions been taken int Exception management faults Have all possible error conditions been taken into account? Sample C Program const space = ' '; const endString = '\0'; removeSpace(char s){ int i = 0; int j; if (NULL != s) { do{ if (s[i] == space){ while (s[i+1] == space){ for (j = i; s[j] != endString; j++){ s[j] = s[j+1]; s[j] s[j+1]; } } } } while(s[i++] != endString); } } main(){ char *s1 = (char *)malloc(40); strcpy(s1, "this is a test"); printf("%s%c", s1, '\n'); printf("%s", "Running the space removal.\n"); removeSpace(s1); printf("%s%c", s1, '\n'); }...
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lecture-13-lint - same model of the shared memory...

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