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assignment2 - broadcast facility that you have implemented...

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CSCi 8101: Advanced Operating Systems Programming Assignment 2 Design document due by March 21, 2010 Final submission: April 1, 2010 Goal: You will build upon the reliable broadcast facility that you have implemented Assignment 1. In this assignment you will be designing and implementing protocols to deal with process failures, voluntary departures, and joins. Problem Statement: In this assignment you would assume that the system consists of a dynamic group of processes. Processes may depart due to failures to explicit departures. New processes may join the group. You will need to implement a view change protocol for the system that you have implemented in Assignment 1. You can follow the ISIS model of atomic view change, and permitting only one event (either a join or a departure) to happen in each new view. All views are sequentially numbered. You may be able to exploit the atomic
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Unformatted text preview: broadcast facility that you have implemented. Process failures are assumed to be fail-stop. The detection of process failures will be based on heart-beat messages. Here you will need to take into account the failure of the token site itself. Make sure that your protocol properly works if the token site fails. You will need to implement the view change protocol taking into account the situation that multiple view changes may get initiated simultaneously. Submission Requirements: A design document that clearly outlines you design. Give an architecture level diagram, outline the basic protocols, and point out the components implementing those protocols. In addition to the designing and implementing this protocol, you will also need to come up with a plan for testing the correctness of your system. Present and describe your test results....
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