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A dvanced Operating Systems Assignment 4 CSci 8101 (Spring 2010) Due date: April 29, 2010 Problem 1 (25 points): How are inodes managed in LFS in contrast to the standard approach of Unix? Problem 2 (25 points) : Read the paper: Transparent Process Migration: Design Alternatives and the Sprite Implementation , Software Practice and Experience, August 1991. Consider the design of a system for supporting process migration. In this system we want to support migration of processes that create and share virtual memory segments (such as those created through shmget and shmat in Unix). In such a system a processes sharing a segment may migrate to different nodes, and we want to continue to supported shared virtual memory segment between them. Clear identify the technical challenges in designing this system, and propose with succinct description one possible approach to support shared memory segments between processes in different node s. Problem 3 (25 points)
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