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Handout 1 - “ho t” “a ltar” “may ” “sla te”...

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Transcription Handout 1 Table 1. English Letters that correspond well to IPA symbols (consonants) IPA symbol Example (position: Initial, Medial, Final) p in”, “ o pen”, “ rip b in”, “a b acus”, “ri b t ip”, a t op”, “li t d ip”, “a d opt”, “li d k it”, “a c orn”, “Ri ck g et”, “a gh ast”, “ri g m itt”, “a m aze”, “ra m kn it”, “a nn oy”, “ra n f ear”, a ff ord”, “lea f v eer”, “a v oid”, “lea ve s ip”, “la c y”, “ra ce z ip”, “la z y ”, “ra ze h ip”, “a h ead” l ake”, “a ll ot”, “te ll   r ake”, “a rr est’, “tea r w ake”, “a w ash” Table 2. Five vowels in English in IPA IPA Symbol Examples “h o t”, “ a ltar” “m ay ”, “sl a te”, “ A my” “b ee t”, “m
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Unformatted text preview: “ho t”, “a ltar” “may ”, “sla te”, “A my” “bee t”, “me ”, “e vil” “o val”, “lo w”, “lo cal” “Lu ke”, “too ” Practice 1: Transcribe the following words spoken aloud by the instructor 1. “pot” 16. “rope” 2. “heave” 17. “leafy” 3. “late” 18. “wastes” 4. “boot” 19. “stromboli” 5. “dome” 20. “brooms” 6. “soggy” 21. “gross” 7. “mood” 22. “foods” 8. “cake” 23. “straight” 9. “soak” 24. “broke” 10. “roof” 25. “cream” 11. “whale” 26. “sails” 12. “dean” 27. “beets” 13. “knob” 28. “school” 14. “loan” 29. “mode” 15. “peeved” 30. “seeks”...
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