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FUNDAMENTAL FREQUENCY AND  SPEAKING RATE AS PERCEPTUAL  CUES FOR AGING IN MALE SPEAKERS Howard B. Rothman, Ph.D., Rahul Shrivastav, Ph.D., W.S.  Brown, Jr. Ph.D., James D. Harnsberger, Ph.D., and Harry  Hollien, Ph.D. 33 rd  Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional  Voice Philadelphia, PA
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  Physiological Vocal tract lengthening ( Enders, Reduction in pulmonary function (Ptacek, et al, 1967) Ossification of laryngeal cartilages (Kahane, 1987) Increased VF stiffness (Isshiki, 1980; Kahane, 1987) Reduced VF closure (Yomoto, et al, 1984; Ferrand, 1992; Linville, 2002) Acoustic F0 raised in males/lowers in females (Mysak, 1959, Hollien & Shipp, 1972; Mueller, 1975) Increased F0 variability (Morris & Brown, 1994; Ptacek, et al, 1966; Slower speaking rate (Rothman & Brown, 2003; Shipp et al, 1992; Morris Greater noise
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