syllabus-11 - Cryogenics Spring 2011 Phy 4550 (section...

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Cryogenics Spring 2011 Phy 4550 (section 1329) and Phy 6555C (section 1339 and 8890) Tuesday/Thursday (5:10 pm to 6:25 pm) Rm 1002 NPB Gary G. Ihas [email protected] 352-392-9244 2253 NPB General: This is a practical course in the generation and use of cryogenic fluids, and the design and construction of low temperature apparatus. The class will be comprised of lectures, problem solving, and hands-on experience. There will be at least 3 weeks when trips to facilities will take the place of one or two classes. This course fulfills the Physics Department distribution requirement for non-low temperature experimentalists. Pre-requisites: Two semesters of chemistry, 2 semesters of physics, or my permission. Grading : There will short homework assignments from the text during the first half of the semester, but no exams. Your grade will depend on class participation (30% for graduate students, 40% for undergraduate students), homework (10%) and the 10 minute presentation of your library-research paper at the Cryogenic Mini-Symposium held during the final weeks of class (50%--topic to be approved by me). Field trips are mandatory for graduate students, who
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2011 for the course PHY 4550 taught by Professor Ihas during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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syllabus-11 - Cryogenics Spring 2011 Phy 4550 (section...

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