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PR-2 - EAS 4710 AEROSPACE DESIGN 2 Progress Report II Team...

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EAS 4710 – AEROSPACE DESIGN 2 Progress Report – II January 25, 2006 Team 1 Program Manager – Morgan Stevens [email protected] Aerodynamics Specialist – Liana Gregory [email protected] Propulsion Specialist – Brian Garner [email protected] Trajectories and Orbits – Nathan Kemper [email protected] Thermal Protection – Ez Hassan [email protected] Structural Design – Doug Jones [email protected] Second meeting - Friday, January 20, 2006 This meeting was more of a class period where we learned the role of the project manager more precisely. We discussed the use of a time line to aid in planning a project among many different groups of people all working towards the same goals. I have attempted to download Microsoft Project recently, and was not able to set up the time tables as shown in class. However, we are still in the early stages of our market research and development for the CEV. Thus, we are online and on time for our original goals. Last week we had everyone research their specific area of past space capsules.
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