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EAS 4710 – AEROSPACE DESIGN 2 Progress Report – III January 25, 2006 Team 1 Program Manager – Morgan Stevens [email protected] Aerodynamics Specialist – Liana Gregory [email protected] Propulsion Specialist – Brian Garner [email protected] Trajectories and Orbits – Nathan Kemper [email protected] Thermal Protection – Ez Hassan [email protected] Structural Design – Doug Jones [email protected] Third meeting - Friday, January 27, 2006 This week we discussed the finer points of the space capsule. We will model the crew portion around 31 to 33 degrees for the dome. Our layout was discussed as having the rocket, CEV capsule, equipment and payload section, and then nose cone for launch. The project was given a time line this week to coincide with the learning of new material in class. A project report was generated for this week and all those to come. As for individual status, the reentry calculations are being worked on as we continue to learn the launch equations. They are very similar except there is no thrust in one
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