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PR-4 - EAS 4710 AEROSPACE DESIGN 2 Progress Report IV...

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EAS 4710 – AEROSPACE DESIGN 2 Progress Report – IV February 8, 2006 Team 1 Program Manager – Morgan Stevens [email protected] Aerodynamics Specialist – Liana Gregory [email protected] Propulsion Specialist – Brian Garner [email protected] Trajectories and Orbits – Nathan Kemper [email protected] Thermal Protection – Ez Hassan [email protected] Structural Design – Doug Jones [email protected] Fourth meeting - Friday, February 3, 2006 This week we got a lot done. The class period was spend discussing exactly what pieces of the market survey had not been completed. Over the weekend our members helped to finish off the preliminary portions of the project. We now have all of the capsule research we need to design a new one for the CEV. Doug already has a rough sketch drawn up in CAD for Liana to start the paneling process on. Both of them have been working on the paneling method to get a lift and drag estimate for our space vehicle.
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